Majid DoukhtehChi Zadeh




When in 1976 I traveled to Kashan, a city in central parts of Iran, I was a student of photography. It was where I learned the most important lesson of my life in taking photos. It was how to see before taking a picture, to see and to see appropriately. By seeing, I mean to examine the subject, discover the inner mysteries of it, and then, taking its picture in a way that when somebody watches it would be able to find things about it.

Kashan is not just a city. Rather it is a place where you can discover some simple, interconnected patterns. The architecture of the buildings, the local bazaar and the beautiful mosque of the city as well as some Persian gardens located in there are a reflection of Iranian spirit and the soul of Persian Moslem architects who were inheritors of Persian art and civilization. These pictures just show some hints of this great culture and are the results of a few journeys to this beautiful city.


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