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Photography is a concept of life for me

Photography is not an occupation for me, but it is a concept of life. When I am taking pictures I don’t need the passage of time. I cannot feel any time lapse. It doesn’t mean that I don’t think before taking a photo, rather it means that I am really absorbed in the pleasure, originated from both logic and love. When I was taking pictures in Toronto, Canada while the weather was minus 22 degrees Celsius, I was just aware of the cold when it was about five hours since I had been walking in the streets. It was the same the feeling I had when taking picture in hot weather of Ahwaz in south of Iran. It was plus 48 degrees Celsius. Besides, the city was under attack.

I was born in 1957 in a middle-class family. My father was a well-known business man. Since I was a little child I was in love of writing and painting. I was interested in literature and my best hobby was reading novels. In high school, I bought a Russian Lubitel, experimenting photography by taking family pictures.

Graduating from high school, I took entrance exam in TV and Cinema School, where I got familiar with the world of cinema, TV, photography and graphics.

Concurrent with my graduation, the Islamic Revolution sparked in Iran and by experimenting in taking journalistic photography during Revolution, I became a photojournalist. Taking pictures of demonstrations, occupation of US embassy in Tehran and the other historic events of those days was really exciting.

Since the early days of Sacred Defense (the war imposed by Iraqi regime on Iran in 1980) I went to the front lines. It was an invaluable, but sorrowful experience to take pictures of war and its consequences, including razed southern cities in Iran. During those years I traveled to some other cities and villages to take pictures (i.e. my Masoule collection of photos). It is a village located in northern Iran with wonderful architecture and a fancy atmosphere. During most of the months in a year it is surrounded by mist.

The second collection of my photos is about Iranian lifestyle consists of pictures of Gomish Tappeh village. It is a Turkmen name, meaning silver hills. It is located in north-east of Iran, where Turkmen tribes dwell. The people living there are engaged in farming and husbandry.

In 1984, I shifted to advertising and still life photography to earn a living. Co-founding a studio in Tehran, I started some great projects including taking pictures of art works in both Iran Bastan and Dafineh Museums.

During the recent years, I have visited some countries like India, UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Canada. I like Toronto with its high skyscrapers and beautiful downtown. I have taking lots of pictures in this city during all seasons of a year.

At present, I am busy selecting a new collection of photos taken during Sacred Defense as well as a new collection of Toronto pictures taken in the last two years. I am going to hold a photo exhibit in there.

The third project underway is organizing my photo archive of Iran’s tourism sites, taken in the last fifteen years. I am going to publish them in one volume.

During years working in my both publication and advertising companies, I have never experienced the same pleasure as when I am taking pictures. While I am interested in both, I have to confess that taking pictures calms down my unrelenting soul. I feel as a young man when I take pictures.

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