Majid DoukhtehChi Zadeh



The imposed war

Struggle for survival

Photojournalism in war zones is so hard. If your mother country is invaded by the enemy and you are taking pictures of your country it becomes more difficult than ever. When at the early months of the war in 1980 I went to the frontlines of war I saw some impressive scenes including the injured people; the dead bodies; homeless children; the destruction of the houses, schools, mosques and hospitals; all were really annoying and disturbing. After that, I went five times to the war fronts to take pictures of the war zones. During one of them, I went to Abadan, in the south, where it was besieged and bombarded by Iraqi forces. I took pictures of people who were not able to leave the city and were forced to sleep in strongholds. I also took some pictures of Abadan refinery which was set on fire. I took some pictures of two campaigns by which a great deal of occupied land of Iran were set free. I photographed liberated khorramshahr and the war refugees encampment.

The pictures of this collection were taken during 1980 to 1984.



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