Majid DoukhtehChi Zadeh




A city made of red bricks

Through the eyes of a stranger

Toronto is a commercial tourist city in Canada where the winter weather is very cold while it is pleasant in summer. The subway in Toronto takes you to a new world underground.

The old neighborhoods in there like the ones in Tehran have a different atmosphere. In downtown I have spent hours after hours taking pictures. The people living there have always treated me kindly and the graffiti on the walls make me have a different aura. A great number of old buildings in Toronto are made of red bricks. The soaring skyscrapers create a modern image of the city and when the image of the clouds is reflected on the window panes of those buildings some bizarre landscapes are created. The street shows, those playing pantomime, a batman wearing a black shoal and a black mask, and some colorful boats on the lake turn the city into a lovely place to live. Toronto is a city where people love to walk on its side streets and pass by the shop windows.


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