Majid DoukhtehChi Zadeh




Misty Crossings

Masouleh is an enchanting village located at the heart of a jungle in Northern part of Iran.

Its history dates back to more than one thousand years. It is located on the hillsides of Talesh, near Fouman. The staircase order of the buildings makes the architecture of the village so distinctive. Most of the public passageways are the rooftops of the other houses, i.e. when you are walking through the alleys you are concurrently walking on the roofs of the other houses. Most of the houses are in two or three roofs. There is a topless marketplace in the village where everything can be found to buy. The people living there are really nice and hospitable. During fall and winter, the village is surrounded by a thick fog in a way that it is impossible to see the trees in the forest However, you can hear the sounds of the river which passes underneath the village. Masouleh shows the surprising interaction between nature and architecture. When the fog enshrouds the village it seems that the world has no end. As Sohrab Sepehry, the late Iranian poet has said you should visit the village.

Those pictures were taken during 1976 – 1980.


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